Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Pin up: The movie needs your help!

Time to help a gal out! You might have seen our boss lady Mandy M Pinup talking about Pin Up: The Movie, well now we only have just 2 days to help them get to the next stage of their Crowd funding campaign. This will just take 1min of your time & won't cost you a thing!!!

What is the documentry all about? Pin-Up! The Movie (working title) is the next film from TaylorCatProductions. The film explores the world of the modern pin-up, following women who live the lifestyle and those who want to enter into the world...and I want to help make this happen!


1. Head to their SEED & SPARK Campaign

2. REGISTER & LOG ON then,

2. Click FOLLOW! Yup! THAT EASY.

By doing this you will help them get to 500 followers, and thus onto the next stage in their crowd funding campaign AND I get an opportunity to possibly be in their movie too

Thank you ever so much guys and gals!


Vintage Hair Styling with Mandy M

We had the chance to sit down with our Miss Happ boss Lady, Mandy M to get the inside scoop on one of her (many) latest projects....VINTAGE HAIR STYLING!


This is what she had to say..

"I have always loved experimenting with my own hair and make-up, but only recently starting doing it for other lovely guys and gals. 

Last year April I attended a Vintage Hair styling workshop while I was in Vegas for Viva Las Vegas held by Tony Medina aka His Vintage Touch - a Master at authentic Vintage Hair and so inspirational. I can literally say that his workshop was a turning point for me and the techniques I used on my own hair. Looking back now, I can see how much I improved in just one short year when it came to styling my own hair in vintage styles.

And then this year I started specializing in authentic vintage hair styling, and I must admit I sort of fell into it, but have loved every minute of it. 

Once I perfect the styles and techniques on myself, then I was just dying to get my hands on the tresses of others, and as an add on to the list of services I offer I decided to also add Authentic Vintage Hair styling for ladies, be it for a photoshoot or a special occasion.

I am always learning and trying new products - the learning never stops! It's funny, because now when I meet someone I look at them differently - and in my mind I am already deciding what style Pin up hair-do would work for them!

I focus on authentic hair styling from the 1940's through to the 1960's using traditional techniques and products that are reminiscent of a bygone era! 

I have been doing fashion styling for quite a long time as part of my business (Miss Happ) & part of being a fashion designer by trade. It is still something that I enjoy doing on photoshoots - even if it is from behind the camera and not in front of it, except now I can get fully involved and can add on Vintage Hair styling to my repertoire which I am so excited about.

So far I have done some amazing clients! Ladies and gents at our studio, Metropolis Vintage Studio as well as on location. I have done a bride who wanted a hair style based on a photo of her mother on her wedding day in the 60's, a wife who was having a pinup make-over for her husband who had been away for a few months (and who we all thought looked so much like a beautiful Elizabeth Taylor) and a mom and daughter for a Rockabilly themed party amongst others

Tomorrow I have a shoot booked where I will be doing hair for the cutest little Tween boy and girl for a Rockabilly themed shoot on location. I can't wait to see the cuteness overload!

I love working with hair and see each person as a challenge, but the best is being able to plat a small part in their amazing transformation and seeing the look on their faces when they see the final ensemble!"

Mandy operates by appointment only from her store, Retrospective Cape Town, 215 Long Street.


If you would like to book an appointment with Mandy, send her an email at: or call 021 552 3878

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Metropolis Vintage Studio NOW OPEN!

We are almost half way through the year! Where has the time gone. We have been super busy and just this month officially launched our Vintage studio Metropolis Vintage Studio located inside our store, Retrospective Cape Town. This has been a long standing passion of the owner Mandy Milne for many years, so we are super excited to see this Authentic Vintage studio right here in our own city!

Metropolis Vintage Studio is a photo studio in the great Metropolis, Cape Town. Take a step back to the Golden Era, to a time when lipstick and curls were a gals best friend!

It's all about YOU, whether it's just you or, you and your gal pals, each experience promises to take you back in time and ensures that you get the treatment of the Hollywood Stars of yesteryear.

We have a gifted team of professionals that we work with to bring you only the most Authentic, vintage inspired photos in all their Pinup glory!
Each Photoshoot booked included full Authentic hair and make-up and onset styling all done by our talented team of Beauty professionals.

 Prop direction from the beginning to the end of the shoot is also part of each package. We have a great library of period correct accessories and decor to ensure you get the perfect look. Step by step posing coaching & advice is also offered throughout.

 For more information, email us, or call 021 522 3878

*Metropolis Vintage Studio is a division of Red Hot Blue Design Concepts

Cats eye sunglasses now in stock!

Did you know we have the widest assortment of Cats eye sunglasses in Cape Town? Assorted styles and colours at the affordable price of only R220.00.

Get yours from our store, Retrospective Cape Town, 215 Long Street (Closest to Pepper Street) or order via mail order and we can post to you world wide.Email us at:

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