Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Parade Hair Products for Vintage hair styling needs

Don't let anybody reign on your PARADE! Our range of hair care products ensure that you will never be that dull wall flower again!
 Dollie Vega, our brand ambassador with hair 
created with Parade Hair products

I bet you didn't know that we have now brought out our own range of salon quality hair care products? All manufactured and formulated right here in South Africa especially for us!

Born out of a need for professional, salon quality products that work well for vintage hair styling, we worked hard to bring you a range of hair care products specific to vintage hair styling needs that we believe in and that actually WORK!
The Little Harlequin with hair 
created with Parade Hair products
Parade Hair is a locally sourced range of hair care & color products that are simply smashing on your hair & friendly to your pocket!
 Vintage Doll Laura with hair
created with Parade Hair products

Our products currently include the following:

Hair Prep:
  • Leading Lady Hair Spray (strong hold)
  • Atomic Rock Set Spray
  • Just Smashing Hair Glass
  • Smokin' Hot Thermal Protector

Hair Maintenance:
  • Sulphate Free Shampoo (Paraben free)
  • Sulphate Free conditioner (Paraben free)
  • Rescue Me Hair Treatment

Hair Colour:
  • Hair Colour Creme (7 colours)
  • Bleach kit (incl Bleach Activator, I got the Blues Bleach Powder, Latex Gloves & two mixing sticks) 
And most importantly, all our hair products are endorsed and tested by Pin Ups, not tested on animals, and are Environmentally friendly.  Our hair colour creme & hair maintenance products are contain no harmful chemicals.

 We also welcomed our first brand ambassador, the lovely Miss Dollie Vega to represent Parade Hair here in South Africa. Dollie is the 2016 Miss Hot Rod South Africa and finalist in the 2016 Dusty Rebels Bombshell Betty Pageant. You can find her on our Sulphate Free Shampoo as our very own Shampoo Dollie!

All our products are found exclusively at Retrospective Cape Town (215 Long Street) and Pretoria (Brooklyn Mall) and for those ladies not in SA? Well, you can now shop easily online via our ETSY store too!
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