Monday, October 31, 2011

Miss Happ Look book: Cherries!

Cherries are so this season! 

Every week week until Christmas I am going to put a little Look book together to promote some of our exciting, new Miss Happ products..I always have fun doing little things like this - hope you like :)

Available from:

Miss Happ directly

Wild Fire, Canal Walk Shopping Ctr

Till next time!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Contact details for Miss Happ

Hi everybody! Please take note of our new contact details - yes! we have a new office, new address and telephone number. Feel free to pop by - this time is so much closer and very easy to find.

Click below to get directions:

See you soon!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

What is Rockabilly style?

I get asked this often. "So what is this that you are doing?", "Why skulls?", "What's with the tattoos?" here goes..these are purely my a nutshell :)

Rockabilly has it true roots in the rock n’ roll culture of the 50’s, but today girls and guys around the world have taken it to a new level. The look is edgy with strong tattoo influences and is very visible within the alternative community. Many a Rockabilly guy and girl is tattooed which only highlights their need to be an individual - it's a way to stand out from the crowd and is very reminiscent of the rebellious attitudes of icons from the era such as James Dean, Elvis Prestly and the notorious Bettie Page amoung others..

In South Africa we are seeing the subculture slowly gaining popularity and awareness amongst the younger 20 – 30 something’s, and for many it’s a natural progression from other small, niche subcultures such as Goth or punk.

For the modern rockabilly guys and gals, it’s about the whole culture, from the music and clothing, to their retro hair-do’s in bright colours and the cars the drive - or aspire to drive in my case!

Overseas Bands like The Cramps, and local bands such as Them Tornados and Martin Rocka And The Sick Shop are some of the modern ambassadors of 50s style. Models such as Sabina Kelly, Dayna Delux and Bernie Dexter really keep rockabilly clothing looking fresh yet retro, together with clothing (and accessory) labels such as Lucky 13, Sour Puss, Hell Bunny, Stop Staring! and Iron Fist (to name but a few), and locally, Miss Happ.

Popular graphics and prints for clothing tend to include skulls, cherries, roses, classic americana images, tattoo prints, gingham checks, leopard print and 50’s stylized graphics such as cats and poodles.

It’s clear to see that many are influenced by music, but with rockabilly clothing everyone takes it’s influences and makes it their own. Whether it’s by wearing a stripy tee, bandana in your hair and a pair of creepers, or by wearing a cherry print corset and high waist skirt with tattoo print wedges, there’s always some way to keep rockabilly clothing individual, and ultimately, yours.

Stay tune for my next blog.....What is pinup?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Very excited to let everybody know that you can now buy our Miss Happ clothing range from our new "store-in-store" inside Grounded, Bayside Shopping Center (CT).

We started off with a selection of our Miss Happ accessories and are now proud to give you the chance to buy your fav Miss Happ clothing item too! Styles range from our iconic Miss Happ printed vests in various colours to our Leopard sundress and bustier dress to our corsets and high waist skirts. We also have a small selection of great handbags - the perfect way to finish off your rockin' outfit for a night out!


The store manager, Ashleigh worked hard on our launch display and really did a fab job. After only delivering the stock on friday afternoon, by Sat it was all up, unpacked and looking fab! A job well done! Thanx girls!

Oh yes! and you can also buy your favorite pair of IRON FIST heels there too :)
So, if you are in Cape Town, and in the Northern suburbs, do make a stop by


Friday, October 21, 2011

Miss Happ products are in People Magazine this week!

People Magazine (Issue #42) did a fashion shoot for Halloween..Look out for our Miss Happ products; clothing, hair accessories, earrings & necklaces. Always great to see your products in print ;)
All are available from my online store:

Look out for Issues 44 and 46 for more of our fab items!
Till next time,
Mandy Miss Happ x

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sugar Skull Pin Cushion

So, I have been wanting to make something out of felt for a while and quite liked the cute little ones I found a while back. So eventually managed to find some felt squares and a good few different bright colours (who would have thought it would be THAT hard!). If you are looking, you can buy felt squares measuring more or less 30cm x 30cm from PNA - they have quite a big craft section which is pretty fab!

I decided to go with a little day of the dead inspired skully seeing as though the festival is just around the corner. Front was black and back was a nice bright cerise. All hand stitched in various colours - an no glue used at all either! I stuffed the inside with pillow stuffing that you can find at any fabric store.

Must just tell you that it took way longer than it should have and that my blanket stitch leaves much to be desired, but I was quite happy with the end product - serves it's purpose. This time round I didn't use a pattern of any sort - just cut and designed as I went along which is probably why it took me 3 hours! Next time I will definitely plan ahead!

Till Next time!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fit for a rockin' cowboy!

It was my sister's baby shower two weeks ago already, and with everything going on I was still very determined to do something special for with a bee in my bonnet, I worked like crazy the night before we had to move office and voila! I was soooo chuffed with the outcome!

All appliques were hand done, first cut out in felt, then hand stitched - the little onesies I had bought already so that helped. I added in some saddle stitch detail in contrasting colours to certain parts which looked pretty cool in the end. I also thought the added buttons for eyes on the skull came out well - I loved the crazy eye!
The finishing touch was from a client of mine who had come to collect an order from me (co-incidently the same night I was working late at the office!!). She gave me a little look out in the back next for my little "Love Miss Happ" signature, complete it's little hugs and kisses - and the cool part? It's actually in my own hand writing!
We all have our favourites, but I loooove the striped skully one bestest ;) I have already had friends asking about prices for their loved baba' this space!
Till next time!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Help us WIN!

Being the super competative person that I am (sorry, can't help myself!!) I have to ask you guys for some help!

Please follow the link below to my Miss Happ online store and click on the face book "like" button on the right hand side just above my featured items.

You are going to help me to win a new camera - being the clumsy, yet distructive clutz that I am I managed to break (yes, BREAK) the lens on my SLR...yeah! stupid!! So, the way I see it, this is a fab way for you to help me take even better pics of pretty things for you to spoil yourself with!!sounds perfect to me!

Oh yes, and did I mention...the 50th "Like" will get a Miss Happ surprise gift to the value of R130! Doesn't that sound worth the effort?! So if your are our 50th fan, make sure u email me with your contact details:

Thanks guys n' dolls!
Till next time,

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