Friday, April 29, 2011

Tattoos & Rock'n Roll Tea salon with Horror Picture Tea, Paris

Horror Picture Tea is not your typical posh tea parlor. This underground-style cafe serves up delectable desserts and eerie tattoos. It also features live bands and a funky urban art gallery. The creator of the venue Guillaume Sanchez claims that Horror Picture Tea is the first of its kind in Paris, and possibly the world. The new hot spot is bound to get a lot of attention!  

Horror Picture Tea delivers a different style, so naturally their food would have a twist to it as well. Some of the wild concoctions include lemon and rosemary religieuse and mango and cumin macaroons. All baked goods are freshly made by the trained pastry cook Mr. Sanchez, who says that he wants to “mix luxurious gastronomy and urban style.”

Horror Tea Bistro is housed in the Bristol ,in the heart of Paris

Coca-cola turns 125years old!

In celebration of Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary, the company has given the pop cans a makeover that brings back nostalgic memories from the 1950's
Bulletproof, a branding and packaging agency, worked with the NWEN brand team to create a rich identity behind the soda’s iconic brand and its success from the past 125 Years. In using a timeless emotion to connect with the pop’s consumers, the visual design team revisits the sexy era of when it all started. Inspired by the 1940’s, the design involves iconic World War II pin-ups—more specifically the glamorous Varga Girls of the era.

Coca-Cola has always marketed the fizzy beverage as a drink for occasions and associated memories, and the Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary soda cans definitely reconnect consumers with wonderful moments from the past.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Miss Happ's Beach Betties and tiki honeys

So, last friday was D day for our latest Miss Happ shoot - a two fold day as I was wanting to do some location shots to promote the Miss Happ Vintage Studio as well as get some cool pics to show off my new Miss Happ hair clips and broaches that I have been working hard at over the past few weeks!

I decided to take the bull by the horns and shoot everything myself. I love photography and taking cool pics and with a dad who is (amoungst other things!) a photography lecturer how could I not give it a go?!

It was the first time I have done any kind of fashion shoot - until now I have been lucky enough to work with some great friends who have helped me out along the way with my Miss Happ shoots; Theunis Stofberg from F8, Clare Foxcroft-Williams from Sweet Nausea and Renate Liev from Photo-Boudoir have done some fab photos for Miss Happ, but it was my turn to give try...a big step for me...

I worked with Miss Carle who modelled for me on the day and her hair was done by my friend Sylvi from Cherry Make-Up. We bundled ourselves up and went down the Kelp Baai - one of the little beaches which kinda forms part of Bloubergstrand - and with a perfect view of Table Mountain and a beautiful clear autumn day what more could we have asked for?! 

Miss Carle was very brave as it was slightly chilly in the morning, but she didn't seem to need much coaxing to get into her cute 50's style swimsuit later on in the day - it looked devine on her! 


The Pic below reminds me so much the iconic Betty Page photos on the beach.. so
unintentional - although I think it came out so well!

 In the afternoon we changed location and went back to Sylvi's house to
make use of her huge awesome banana trees for our background - we wanted
that tiki island girl vibe...


So girls! If you like what you see and you want to pretty yourself up with our cute Miss Happ
hair clips and accessories, please make sure you go to our SA online store
by clicking on the below link :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Miss Happ Vintage Studio - bringing out the pinup girl in you!

Add some sass to your photos! Book a vintage styled 
shoot with Miss Happ Studio & get that super 
cute retro look to your photos! 

Come and join Miss Happ for an afternoon of pampering and fun in a body positive environment with the girls.

Japanese Geisha, Tiki Honey, 
Mexican Senorita, Beach Betty......
......Pin up babe, Military Mary, 
Burlesque Vixen...we can work it!

As part of our team we have hair stylists & Make-up artists who specialize in the pin-up & rockabilly inspired looks - if you can dream it we will make it happen!
We have access to a variety of different vintage props and various accessories to add
that finishing touch to your photos.

With Miss Happ's background in fashion and her finger firmly on the rockabilly 
pulse in South Africa you are sure to have an experience
that is true to it's roots!

For more information, 
please e-mail us

or go to our web site:

Monday, April 18, 2011

flowers, skulls, anchors, spots & checks!

After an inspiring week-end I put my creativity into making a whole new batch of cute rockabilly hair clips! All will be available from our stand at the I HEART market in May, as well as from:

  • Wildfire Piercing, Canal Walk

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Super inspired what to create...

We Scooted off to Stellenbosch today to make a turn at the Slow Goods Market at Oude Libertas Wine Farm. 

As always the food smells so damn good that you just gotta get yourself something. We went with an eastern flavour in the "street food" section and settled with little cheese and Jalapino half moons and cheese and crab spring rolls. Yum! I am also a home-made lemonade FAN (I looove pink Snapple lemonade!) so am always on the hunt for the BEST one....guess what! I found it! Delicious! Another stand that I love (and yes have tried it too!) is the Naughty Girl Bubbly...get yourself a bottle girls!


As part of the market there are also a clothing and design stalls, although sadly a few too many imported garments for me :-( but as usual there is a diamond or two in the rough and I was excited to go past my fav jewellery stall as always.

On our way back to Cape Town we took a slow meander and stopped at Polkadraai farm stall to pick up a few goodies...couldn't resist taking a few pics with the ginormous strawberry and on the little white picket fence!

 And to end of my saturday we went pas the fabric store in Somerset West...OMG! I was getting short of breath with excitement...yes, a designer will be a designer and pretty fabrics will always make us happy! Now....just what to make with all the pretty things!

M xxx

Friday, April 15, 2011

Miss Happ Loves Mac & Wonder Woman!

Finally I got my little paws on the limited edition Mac Lipgloss in red from the Wonder Woman range. I almost woke up too late with alot of the range already sold out in stores! Phew on that one! Lucky for me red is my colour ;-)

The 33-piece themed collection for eyes, face and nails comes with colorful limited edition comic book packaging. In addition to makeup, it contains seriously fab accessories like makeup bags, brush bags and even a MAC Wonder Woman T.

Die Skatties get an Elizabeth Taylor Pin Up make over!

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