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Miss Happ does Cardigan clips now

I love a cardigan. I have an entire shelf in my cupboard dedicated to them. Part jacket, part sweater — it’s kind of an all year staple for my wardrobe. But let’s face it: Cardigans can get a little mumsy... This is when a little vintage inspired accessory known as the Sweater Clip comes in handy. You may have spotted your grandmother or your local librarian, or Glee guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (below), rocking these awesome little accessories and Miss Happ is lovin' them!

They fasten the two sides of your cardigan together, or each side of the collar of the sweater (or just below), and they’re a mix of a broach and a necklace and are great! The sweater clip holds also holds your unbuttoned sweater in place when worn loose on the shoulders in the classic 50's style. Trust me, they’re a great way to chic up your sweaters and a fab way to accessorize, and now Miss Happ is doing them too!

I have started off with 3 basic little styles - mine are in the more Rockabilly style wher…

My! My! Look how time flies

I cannot believe that we are half way through the month already, it feels like ages since my last blog. So much has been happening, so many changes - all good though!
Firstly, I have a new member of my team, thus making the total number of Miss Happ girls a happy "two"! Philani joined us full time on the 1st of March. A big step for my little business but I am excited nonetheless. I have big plans this year to grow my brand and move it on, so lotsa exciting things coming your way!

I have slowly also started expanding my product offering too, and this month sees all sorts of new developments, samples and exciting products heading your way in April. I have the first of our Miss Happ designed bags currently in development. All are fabric bags in cute funky prints with bamboo handles and are the perfect sizes. We have a day bag size and another that is perfect for an evening out. 
A few years ago I bought a SOURPUSS bag with bamboo handles (below) and have been dying to do somethin…

I have my prize!

Thank You Khayali!
A big thank you to khayali! Yesterday I finally got my camera that I won for being seller of the year 2011 through my (local) Miss Happonline store.

I am super excited to get using my new little baby..I think I might just have to organize a little Miss Happ photoshoot sometime soon ;)
Have a great Sunday everybody!
Till next time,
Wanting to know how to achieve that Rockabilly and Pin-Up look, but have no idea where to start? Then sign yourself up for...... Girls are always asking us “how do you get the look?” Well, now’s your chance to discover all the tips and tricks from girls in the know! Bring your girlfriends, let your hair down (or tie it up in a bandana) and join the gals from AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium, Miss Happ and Sailor Jerry, while we show you easy step-by-step techniques for creating that basic pin-up look. From the perfect eyeliner application to how to wear those damn bandanas!

The cherry on top will be a cocktail hour with Sailor Jerry where you’ll get to shake, stir and sip cocktail like a starlet from a by-gone era and indulge in some delectable nibbles thanks to Jimmy’s Killer Prawns – On the Bay.
On the day each of our attendees will receive a little gift hamper with a whole bunch of glorious goodies from AnonaMiss, Miss Happ & Sailor Jerry to set our promising pinups on their way in style! P…