Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Miss Happ & Boot Hill do the first Rockabilly Festival in Cape Town

Miss Happ & it's brother brand, Boot Hill joined the other vendors at the first ever Dusty Rebels Rockabilly Festival here in Cape Town on the 9th of November at the Ostrich Ranch on our West Coast. 

Check out this -> video  <- from the day....

What had an awesome day, and even managed to sneak out to pose for a few pics later in the afternoon which is always so much fun! The only bugger for me as a vendor was the typical Cape Town wind, but I must say, we are fast becoming pros at dealing with it; tying, pinning, clamping, and pegging everything on site!!


We traded from 12 midday till about 7pm, and had a fantastic day. There was a great car show with other vendors who were showing also off their cool kustom bikes, as well as cool local bands in the Kustom Kulture scene that played through out the day.  Coming from a family who rides bikes I had to snap a few pics to send to my dad who sadly couldn't make it - he's a big BMW fan, having only owned BM's so I knew he would be keen to see the bikes from LOS MEURTOS (even if it included a Yamaha!)

A great effort was made by so many of the people visiting for the day and it really was so gratifying to see so many guys and girls dressed in Miss Happ & Boot Hill clothing - it's always so cool to see after so much hard work put in from our side.

If you don't know about our guys Rockabilly range of clothing, please do Check out our fb page if you haven't already -> Boot Hill

Till next time,
MH xx

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pin up a nutshell!

For the Pinup gals it's important to get the hair-do right. Do your research by looking at the stars of yesteryear and you will be on the right path.

Remember! We wouldn't be caught dead with a cape gable hair-do, or victory rolls sticking out of the sides of your head like a bad hat! 

It's about teasing, hairspray and a few bobby pins decorated with a pretty scarf, hair bow or flower. A pin-up's hair do is always above all, neat!

There are also loads of tutorials and video's online to help a gal out...have fun and don't forget to PRACTICE!

A fab blog to follow with step by step looks is THE FRECKLED FOX seen above, check out her SPECIALITY TUTORIALS

Another great you tube channel to follow is Cherry Doll Face and Pin up Doll Ashley Marie.

Good luck ladies and have fun! As soon as I have more time on my hands I promise to write a much longer blog post on the do's and don't on pin up hair ;)

MH xx

Friday, November 8, 2013

Miss Happ will be at the 1st Rockabilly Festival this week end!

So this week end sees Miss Happ and our guys clothing brand Boot Hill joining in with the other vendors for Cape Town's  FIRST Rockabilly Festival hosted by Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells for ONE DAY ONLY on 9 November 2013

 This festival is for all those fun-luvin’ katz who want a break from the big city hustle and bustle for a day. So to all those rebels at heart – put on your blue jeans, come and show off your tats, style your old-schoolflavor and show that you’ll never conform to the mundaneness of a normal routine! Let’s celebrate the good old days!

Ticket available at

There will be NO ATM at the venue, there will be credit card machine facilities

Twitter: @DustyandB

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Miss Happ does the Cape Classic Car Show 2013

This past week end we gathered up the gals to do a little promo work at the official CAPE CLASSIC CAR SHOW.
 There were 3 of us ladies all dressed up on the day and we had so much fun! Thank goodness we all had our little parasols to shield ourselves as the day proved to be Cape Towns first proper Summers day with sweltering hot weather!

The gals had a ball posing with all the awesome old skool rides as you will see.... 

*All clothing, accessories and Sunglasses are by Miss Happ*

Afterwards and feeling totally parched, We made our way to STARLIGHT DINER for a much needed cocktail and Burger!

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