Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome to Durban

After woblly start I boarded a Mongo flight after having to pay a wopping R200 for overweight baggage - gotta love Mango - so much for cheap flights! They make up for it with the overweight luggage policy so be aware!  

So a little irritable at the beginning of my flight I eventually settled down to begin reading my new book by Charlene Harris - Grave Sight (the same author as the True Blood series) which so far I am enjoying. All in all, it was an easy and quick flight and  I was happy to land in balmy Durban 2 hours later.

Thursday evening we made our way to the May Night Market which was held The Quays. Now remember I haven't been to this area in years so seeing all the restoration of the beautiful victorian building at the point was just great!

I must say, when you compare the night market to our awesome markets  in Cape Town like the biscuit mill and the stellenbosch fresh goods the little Durban Night market looks (unfortunatly for them) tame and rather empty. On the upside I did however buy some delicious goodies to take back as prezzies to my Cape Town honey....

The Martinnaise does a range of delicious Mayonnaise are super tasty too - with flavours such as Wasabi Mayo garlic mayo, mustard mayo and peri-peri mayo you can't go wrong. The great thing with this range is that they are all preservative & chemical free. I cannot wait to try mine as a dip with some home-made crispy fries...oooh! my mouth is already watering!!

Also bought some Chilli chutney from Nicky's Preserve for my man who absolutly loves anything spicey or chilli! But being the scardy pants I am I didn't try it, so will have to let you know how that one tastes - but I must just add that it looked HOT!!

 Till next time folks!

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