Saturday, June 4, 2011

sweet old school stuffed toys

Today is yet another child's birthday party and to be honest I am so over any kind of loud, plastic, made in china toy. So with this in mind I was determined to find that little something special.  I am so glad to see that finally the super cute old school, hand crafted trend of toys is finally now available in SA - you all know the kind..those sweet, plush toys in a patch work of funky fabrics with saddle stitching and little felt eyes? yeah! 

My newest fav store for kids clothing that if you have kids you gotta go past... BLOSSOM BOUTIQUE
they do kids and Women's clothing, but it's the children's clothing and cute accessories that are just too damn adorable!  From little skully t-shirts for babies and hand knitted scarves for toddlers to the awesome animal furry jumpsuit with hood and little leopard ears to the cute hand made toys. All items are amazingly well priced so check them out!

Below is what we bought from BLOSSOM for the birthday present...a little giraffe!


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