Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Miss Happ at the City Bowl Market, CT

This past Sat I hauled my butt off to join the other stall holders at the City Bowl Fashion Market in Hope Street. The market is made up of two section - the food (downstairs) and fashion (upstairs)

This was only the second fashion market - the first one was last month. The fashion market is only held on the LAST SAT of each month, although I think they are going to be looking at having it every Sat..

Unfortunately for us we were not in the main hall, but were in a teeny side room off the main hall - never a great position of anybody, but we made the most of it. I had taken along three large posters which are always very eye catching and hung a few items around my area on the wall which helped. I also dressed Gladys, my mannequin in one of our new little cherry aprons so she really stood out! 

I shared my stand with a friend who runs her own business called ANONAMISS BEAUTY EMPORIUM. Our products work well together and we definitely made a statement with our bold colour, bright hair and unique product offering!

Till next time!

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