Monday, November 7, 2011

What is pin up style?

Although the lines are not definite , there are a few little details to take note of here when looking at the pinup style....

The Pin Up style tends to be slightly more feminine when compared to the rockabilly style. This look is more vintage inspired with looks being very closely modeled on styles (mainly) from the 40’s and 50’s. For the Pin up style girls often revert back to vintage patterns to produce garments that are known as “vintage reproductions” circa 1950 as in our Miss Happ Vintage Dress (below), which was on original Vogue pattern from 1954.

Many girls who dress in the pin up style will go as far as wearing beautiful retro seamed stockings with suspenders and glamourous vintage inspired lingerie as seen at online at What Katie Did together with perfectly coiffed Hair and beautifully applied make up.

Compared to the rockabilly girls who have a very noticeable rebellious look about them with their tattooed bodies and bright hair, pin up girls have a softer, more feminine look, and often don’t have tattoos – or if they do, they are small and understated. True Pinup girls are gracious and genteel and often remain true to the era. The Burlesque style is often closely associated with pin up – well-known model Dita von Teese is pin up personified!

Oh yes! And by the way if you were wondering where the word "pin up" came from it went  way back in the forties...The word “pin up girl” is a model who’s  pictures see broad appeal. Pin-ups are literally be "pinned-up" on a wall in a garage, or in a boy’s locker room!  Pin up girls were made famous during World War 2 – not only in the rooms of G.I’s but also as nose art on Airplanes that were being flown during the war. Interestingly enough, Miss Happ is the name of a (still standing) B25 Mitchell Bomber  - except it was spelt with one ”p” at the end; Miss Hap ;)

And that's a nutshell :)

Stay tuned for more....

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