Monday, April 30, 2012

Behind the scene's of Miss Happ

Sometimes I feel like all I do is live, eat sleep Miss Happ, but it's ok.....I am lucky enough to totally love what I do ♥ I am my own boss. How much better could it get?

It has been almost four and a half years since I started my little brand, Miss Happ, I have gone through it all. The frustration of people not understanding what I am about, to CMT's and seamstresses letting me down terribly. I have had to tackle fit problems, and glue problems, our offices being broken into and all my computer equipment stolen. The stress of juggling not only my clothing brand but also lecturing part-time and having to do graphic design work to pay for my little dream which is Miss Happ. At the end of it all I am proud to say that I am a self-funded, one woman many people can say that?!
I have gone through the bad....but above all have gotten through it all and am still standing when so many others have had to shut their doors in this recession. I have had amazing support from my other half as well as my family and friends, and a huge shout of Thanks goes out to them!
I have learn't many lessons about running my own business, about what sells and what doesn't, I have learnt how to do my own invoicing - a BIG DEAL for a fashion designer that positively HATES numbers, and I have learn't patience and to never give up what you believe in. But for me, most of all it's been important to:
1. always be nice to people - you never know who is going to cross your path down the line
2. to not bad mouth those that have done you ill along the way - see above!
3. remember where you have come from. Stay humble.
4. realize your what your weakness are, don't be afraid of them (still working on that one!)
5. focus on the good, not always the bad - I am a notorius prophet of doom, so this one is particularly hard for me!
6. Help others along the way - you know where they are - you have been there yourself at some stage!
7. Do not procrastonate - don not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

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