Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pin up a nutshell!

For the Pinup gals it's important to get the hair-do right. Do your research by looking at the stars of yesteryear and you will be on the right path.

Remember! We wouldn't be caught dead with a cape gable hair-do, or victory rolls sticking out of the sides of your head like a bad hat! 

It's about teasing, hairspray and a few bobby pins decorated with a pretty scarf, hair bow or flower. A pin-up's hair do is always above all, neat!

There are also loads of tutorials and video's online to help a gal out...have fun and don't forget to PRACTICE!

A fab blog to follow with step by step looks is THE FRECKLED FOX seen above, check out her SPECIALITY TUTORIALS

Another great you tube channel to follow is Cherry Doll Face and Pin up Doll Ashley Marie.

Good luck ladies and have fun! As soon as I have more time on my hands I promise to write a much longer blog post on the do's and don't on pin up hair ;)

MH xx

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