Monday, August 4, 2014

Miss Happ does wardrobe & styling for Die Jaloersbokkies!

Yesterday we joined Die Jaloersbokkies for the shooting of their soon to be released music video that was shot for DSTV's KYK Net channel

Mandy was the wardrobe stylist for the day and also provided a Miss Happ wardrobe fit for a pinup princesses! Her good friend Gabbi Katz was their hair and make-up artist on set with her and together they transfored the ladies from Die Jaloersbokies in no time.

all the Miss Happ clothing worn on set was from the soon to be released Miss Happ SPRING/SUMMER 2014/15 range, so this really was a sneak peak of sorts!

The Bokkies looked so awesome - they shot against a green screen for the first scene, then moved onto a 2nd location a couple of hours later.  

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