Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Miss Happ in Vegas baby!

Help the Miss Happ girls make it to Vegas so that we can take a little bit of Africa to the 2015 VIVA LAS VEGAS ROCKABILLY FASHION SHOW & CAR SHOW in LAS VEGAS, USA!

As one of only a handfull of clothing brands to be accepted onto the 2015 fashion show, MISS HAPP is the ONLY Rockabilly brand all the way from CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, and we NEED YOUR HELP to make our Rock n' Roll DREAMS COME TRUE!
Miss Happ is the first ever South African (and African) Rockabilly clothing brand to showcase at this globally recognized festival with over 22 000 people from all over this great planet attending the event.

For the 2015 Fashion show Miss Happ will be taking a team of three lovely ladies to not only represent the brand on the catwalk but to also represent and promote a Rockabilly culture that is growing rapidly in South Africa to a truly international market.

Every Donation received will not only get a personalized Thank You from Mandy Miss Happ Milne, but a level specific gift from us to you to show how much we appreciate all the assistance!

Being a small self funded business, you can imagine how getting news like this was exciting and scary all at the same time. It's for this reason that we are asking for your donations towards this ONCE IN A LIFE TIME chance to showcase a LOCAL brand overseas, and also introduce the AMERICAN MARKET to a SOUTH AFRICAN ROCKABILLY BRAND.

We are so excited to take on this challenge & welcome it with open arms. We say it's time to "Put on some red lipstick & live a little!"

We are looking for donations towards the following:

1. Airfare from Cape Town to Los Angeles
2. Accomodation in LA and Las Vegas
3. Car Hire: from LA to Vegas (and back)
4. Freight: getting our stock to LA
5. The Fashion Show & Car Show

Our A team includes the following colorful ladies:

1. Mandy (Miss Happ) Milne: Owner and designer at Miss Happ
2. The Blue Haired Betty: Miss Happ model & MUA
3. Little Harlequin: Miss Happ model

To find out more about what we do, please pop by our various social media pages and join us on our journey!


If you would like to contact us directly, or have any questions, please pop us an email

We look forward to taking you on our American journey!

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