Friday, January 13, 2012

Red or dead. My perfect red lipcolour

So being the kinda chic that is very rarely seen without lipstick, and red lipstick at that, I thought I would share with you a few secrets....

I started off by making a goes...

I remember when I first decided to start wearing red every day. I got my ass down to the (always awesome) MAC store as this is always my first port of call (Over the years I have always been a lipstick girl, but tended to go with the safer natural shades as most people do). After chatting to the fab girls I decided to try out the PRO LONGWEAR LIPCOLOUR in LASTING LUST which is a colour and gloss in one stick...and I have never turned back! 

The best thing is that I only need to apply it once a day (although it works best if a very thick layer is applied to DRY lips) and then apply the gloss past once it's dry. The great thing is also that the colour part has a little applicator, so getting a good shape is super easy.

You will find that during the day, and even after eating they only thing you will need to touch up is the gloss part of the whole processes....and the BEST part about it all is that people don't have to be afraid to kiss you - you'll be able to pucker up in true Marilyn Monroe style without worrying about it coming off on him...or his clothes....or your face! Yes, I have seen (and done!) it all myself!!

Below is an older pic of me wearing my MAC Longwear....

A close second to my Mac is one I got for my birthday from my friend Gabbi from AnonaMiss Beauty Emporium. The lipstick I received was the MANIC PANIC, VAMP RED

I must admit, I loved this shade - it is a slightly darker and richer shade of red (when compared to the MAC). My only advise here is maybe use a lip liner to get that great lip shape - if you go skew with red it can be fatal.

And if the colour Red still makes you alittle nervous...try starting with a tinted lip gloss. I am not a big fan of gloss - living in Cape Town with all it's wind gloss just isn't practical. I don't enjoy my hair getting stuck to my lips, but it's a personal choice!!

So, go on girls! give a  whurl! you might just enjoy it ;)

Till next time!

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