Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Miss Happ does CT International tattoo convention

While we are all still trying to recover from a long 3 days of the convention work has to go on..

The Cape Town International Tattoo convention started on Fri evening and ran till Sunday. We set up my Miss Happ stand on Friday afternoon on probably one of the hottest days of the year! All I can say is many hands make work lighter, so a big thanx to Murray, Milo, Michelle and Rob for the carrying!

My booth space was small, but as always I think we made the most of it and even managed to squeeze in my little change room. I used a vintage suitcase that I have had for a while to display my accessories which worked well and I think it looked quite cute. I also found this great black and white photographic print with palm leave and hibiscus on which worked well for my table cloth - it all started looking very "south pacific", and I loved it!

THis year I decided to go smaller, so that I could show case a little of everything I do, so we had everything from our hair clips & flowers to bandanas, Alice bands, Necklaces and earrings to our new retro coffee table coasters and the chinese parasole's in their bright colours!

I also managed to take some really cute pics of the girls who bought my goodies which is always exciting to see!

We had fun, but I must admit, being home on sunday night was a relief...on my feet. We had been standing from when the show opened in the mornings, till after 11pm each night! Schew! What a week-end!

I have also added all the pretty pin up dress and cardigans to both my online store, so click on the below link if there's something you would like to purchase:

For more pics, head on over to the official

Till next time!

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