Friday, March 16, 2012

My! My! Look how time flies

I cannot believe that we are half way through the month already, it feels like ages since my last blog. So much has been happening, so many changes - all good though!

Firstly, I have a new member of my team, thus making the total number of Miss Happ girls a happy "two"! Philani joined us full time on the 1st of March. A big step for my little business but I am excited nonetheless. I have big plans this year to grow my brand and move it on, so lotsa exciting things coming your way!

I have slowly also started expanding my product offering too, and this month sees all sorts of new developments, samples and exciting products heading your way in April. I have the first of our Miss Happ designed bags currently in development. All are fabric bags in cute funky prints with bamboo handles and are the perfect sizes. We have a day bag size and another that is perfect for an evening out. 

A few years ago I bought a SOURPUSS bag with bamboo handles (below) and have been dying to do something along those lines for a while. Although mine are going to be very different the tiki inspired look is still very much the same!

The other little project we worked on this morning was the Military hat. I met this week with a local photographer, Lorna Darroll (from Cape Town) who wants for the two us to collaborate on a pinup shoot at the local military museum. I have decided to do something totally different, but once again something I have been dying to do ! I have always loved the military look, from the nautical sailor girl to the military

this morning I started off playing around with the military hat. We were going to maybe try and hire an authentic hat when someone said I must just make one! So off I went on a mission and managed to source an authentic soldier's flight cap sewing pattern from the 1940's. 

For our first sample we just used a basic cotton twill in a grey which was nice and stiff, I didn't add any binding on the edges, but it's definitely something I want to do for the final hat. The idea and look is there but I still want to tweek a few things. Will be taking it home tonight for my better half to try on for me - in this case a guys opinion counts!


Over the next few weeks I am planning on doing a little military ensemble for the shoot, a fitted skirt and a utility style corset. Am feeling super inspired now that we have tackled the hat! start from the top and work down!

Below are a few pics that have inspired me.....

Till next time!

Have a great week end peeps!


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