Monday, March 26, 2012

Miss Happ does Cardigan clips now

I love a cardigan. I have an entire shelf in my cupboard dedicated to them. Part jacket, part sweater — it’s kind of an all year staple for my wardrobe. But let’s face it: Cardigans can get a little mumsy...
This is when a little vintage inspired accessory known as the Sweater Clip comes in handy. You may have spotted your grandmother or your local librarian, or Glee guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (below), rocking these awesome little accessories and Miss Happ is lovin' them!

They fasten the two sides of your cardigan together, or each side of the collar of the sweater (or just below), and they’re a mix of a broach and a necklace and are great! The sweater clip holds also holds your unbuttoned sweater in place when worn loose on the shoulders in the classic 50's style.
Trust me, they’re a great way to chic up your sweaters and a fab way to accessorize, and now Miss Happ is doing them too!

I have started off with 3 basic little styles - mine are in the more Rockabilly style where I have used cherries, swallows and a little cute skull as the detail.
check them out on my LOCAL (South African) online store, go to:

Till next time!

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