Saturday, April 16, 2011

Super inspired what to create...

We Scooted off to Stellenbosch today to make a turn at the Slow Goods Market at Oude Libertas Wine Farm. 

As always the food smells so damn good that you just gotta get yourself something. We went with an eastern flavour in the "street food" section and settled with little cheese and Jalapino half moons and cheese and crab spring rolls. Yum! I am also a home-made lemonade FAN (I looove pink Snapple lemonade!) so am always on the hunt for the BEST one....guess what! I found it! Delicious! Another stand that I love (and yes have tried it too!) is the Naughty Girl Bubbly...get yourself a bottle girls!


As part of the market there are also a clothing and design stalls, although sadly a few too many imported garments for me :-( but as usual there is a diamond or two in the rough and I was excited to go past my fav jewellery stall as always.

On our way back to Cape Town we took a slow meander and stopped at Polkadraai farm stall to pick up a few goodies...couldn't resist taking a few pics with the ginormous strawberry and on the little white picket fence!

 And to end of my saturday we went pas the fabric store in Somerset West...OMG! I was getting short of breath with excitement...yes, a designer will be a designer and pretty fabrics will always make us happy! Now....just what to make with all the pretty things!

M xxx

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