Thursday, April 7, 2011

Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead

Today I was yet again on the other side of the camera playing a Día de los Muertos senorita. A long afternoon that started at 1pm and ended at 7pm!  My friend Sylvi from CherryMakeUp Make-up did my awesome hair and make-up for the shoot, and I must admit, I was so excited to do something different!

The first few shots I wore an sexy black satin corset, black layered skirt and fishnet hold ups and did the whole big flowers in the hair look..lily's and orchids were what we settled on for the first look. 

The second look was a complete opposite, with Oliver joining my as my "husband" - this time round I wore a pure what satin corset and a white embroidered skirt - we added all red roses which looked great. The whole idea for this one was to do pics of an old school "newly married" couple circa 1920 - the kind of photos where everybody was all serious - perfect for a day of the dead couple don't you think?! Oliver wore a black suit - with an awesome rockabilly pompadour to match!

I don't have any photos yet, except for this one I took afterwards with my boyfriend Murray.....

and while we are in the mood, I thought I would add some of our 
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