Saturday, October 1, 2011

Help us WIN!

Being the super competative person that I am (sorry, can't help myself!!) I have to ask you guys for some help!

Please follow the link below to my Miss Happ online store and click on the face book "like" button on the right hand side just above my featured items.

You are going to help me to win a new camera - being the clumsy, yet distructive clutz that I am I managed to break (yes, BREAK) the lens on my SLR...yeah! stupid!! So, the way I see it, this is a fab way for you to help me take even better pics of pretty things for you to spoil yourself with!!sounds perfect to me!

Oh yes, and did I mention...the 50th "Like" will get a Miss Happ surprise gift to the value of R130! Doesn't that sound worth the effort?! So if your are our 50th fan, make sure u email me with your contact details:

Thanks guys n' dolls!
Till next time,

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