Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sugar Skull Pin Cushion

So, I have been wanting to make something out of felt for a while and quite liked the cute little ones I found a while back. So eventually managed to find some felt squares and a good few different bright colours (who would have thought it would be THAT hard!). If you are looking, you can buy felt squares measuring more or less 30cm x 30cm from PNA - they have quite a big craft section which is pretty fab!

I decided to go with a little day of the dead inspired skully seeing as though the festival is just around the corner. Front was black and back was a nice bright cerise. All hand stitched in various colours - an no glue used at all either! I stuffed the inside with pillow stuffing that you can find at any fabric store.

Must just tell you that it took way longer than it should have and that my blanket stitch leaves much to be desired, but I was quite happy with the end product - serves it's purpose. This time round I didn't use a pattern of any sort - just cut and designed as I went along which is probably why it took me 3 hours! Next time I will definitely plan ahead!

Till Next time!

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