Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fit for a rockin' cowboy!

It was my sister's baby shower two weeks ago already, and with everything going on I was still very determined to do something special for them...so with a bee in my bonnet, I worked like crazy the night before we had to move office and voila! I was soooo chuffed with the outcome!

All appliques were hand done, first cut out in felt, then hand stitched - the little onesies I had bought already so that helped. I added in some saddle stitch detail in contrasting colours to certain parts which looked pretty cool in the end. I also thought the added buttons for eyes on the skull came out well - I loved the crazy eye!
The finishing touch was from a client of mine who had come to collect an order from me (co-incidently the same night I was working late at the office!!). She gave me a little prezzie....so look out in the back next for my little "Love Miss Happ" signature, complete it's little hugs and kisses - and the cool part? It's actually in my own hand writing!
We all have our favourites, but I loooove the striped skully one bestest ;) I have already had friends asking about prices for their loved baba's...schew...watch this space!
Till next time!

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