Sunday, July 17, 2011

Old school pearl of wisdom

Over the years I have collected so many pretty cool books - all linked to my interest and fascination of times gone by.

 Some of these little treasures have great pearls of wisdom, and often I think it's a pity that in our modern, faster paced lives we forget these old school insights, advice, hints and tips that our grandparents, and their parents before them would have valued.

One of the ones that always make me chuckle is Advice on Courtship & Marriage by Emily Jessop (above in pink). The little book claims to be a reprint of a Victorian self-help book. 
  'Women too early married always remain small in stature, weak, pale, emaciated, and more or less miserable' Also a word of Caution!! ... 'Don't marry a man with view of reforming him. Thousands have tried and failed. Misery, Sorrow and a very hell on earth have been the consequences of too many such generous undertakings'

Have a read below at some of the more classic (and oh-so-serious) bits of advice...the modern girl certainly has moved on!!

GOOD BEHAVIOUR: A young lady should not permit her gentlemen friends to address her by her name. A gentleman should never use the term "Dear" or "My Dear" under any circumstances unless he knows it is perfectly acceptable or a long and friendly acquaintance justifies it.

A young lady who is not engaged may receive calls from unmarried gentlemen as she desires, and may accept an invitation to concerts, to theatres etc.
A lady never calls on a gentleman, unless it is a professional or official matter. It is positively improper to do so.

RECEIVING THE ATTENTIONS OF GENTLEMEN: No well-bred lady will too eagerly receive the attentions of a gentleman, no matter how much she admires him. However, she should not be so reserved as to altogether discourage him. A lady never demands attentions and favours from a gentleman, but always accepts them gratefully, graciously and with thanks.

Unmarried ladies should not accept presents from gentlemen to whom they are neither related nor engaged.

APPROPRIATE ATTIRE: Avoid the slouchy appearance of a half-unbuttoned vest and suspender-less pantaloons. That sort of dress is disgusting.

When a gentleman escorts a lady home from a ball, she should not invite him to enter the house, and even if she does so, he should decline the invitation.

BENEFITS OF MARRIAGE: Marriage purifies the complexion, removes blotches from the skin, invigorates the body- and gives elasticity and firmness to the step. Statistics show married men live longer than bachelors. Child-bearing for women is linked to longevity.

THE HONEYMOON: A husband should remember that his bride cannot stand the same amount of tramping around and sightseeing that he can.

The female organs are so easily affected by excessive exercise of the limbs which support them and, as this is a critical period, it would be foolish and costly to drag a lady hurriedly around the country.

In many cases it lays the foundation for the wife's first and lifelong "backache".

A PERFECT MATCH: The best wife is the woman who has found the right husband, a husband who understands her. A man will have the best wife when he rates that wife as queen among women. 

I like that last one...a queen amoung woman..sounds fab to me!

Stay tuned for other great books...

Till next time!


  1. so do I! I'm just so happy with my last amazon order: a crazy book about The Day of the Dead! you make me think about writing a post about it! have a nice day, greetings from switzerland

  2. Thanks Polly! Your book sounds interesting, I am going to check it out! xx


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